Developed from over 50 man years of experience of Anoto technology, is a low cost, high quality one stop solution that let's digital paper and pen solutions be developed and implemented quickly and securely. is an Anoto digital pen processing and management platform certified by Anoto to meet their stringent requirements of scaleability, reliability and functionality.

Together with services from the team at Anoto Gold partner, Sysnet, provides a complete solution for digital forms automation and workflow



The Anoto Concept

The Anoto concept is that of using pen and paper as an interface to the digital world — combining intuition with technology. After all, we all know how to use a pen and paper.

The functionality combines the mobility of voice and messaging with the world of email and IT systems via digital paper forms and a compatible pen.

Concept Diagram

As you can see from the above diagram, the difference that the Anoto Functionality can make to your daily workflow is plain to see. Which would you prefer?

The Pattern

Illustration of digital pen with blowup of the dots pattern

The functionality relies on paper printed with a subtle pattern which is printed on ordinary paper with conventional printing techniques. Each square of 6x6 dots provides unique information. Consequently, different parts of the paper can be assigned to an unlimited number of different functions.

Unique vs. Copied Pattern Pages

Unique Pattern Pages

Where the pattern page has a specific, dedicated purpose, such as part of a notebook or newspaper advert. The pattern you use is only associated with that particular purpose and that page (as is the case with the Black n Red A4 Notebook).

Copied Pattern Pages

Where the pattern page has a common function and the pattern page is used repeatedly, such as a message pad. The same pattern occurs on each page (e.g. the Smartforms™.

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Using digital pen and paper is inherently environmentally friendly in that digital pens require very little power to operate or charge, and paper from managed sources actually supports the environment.

A digital pen has far less components than a PDA or smartphone because there is no display, no touch-screen, no keypad and no wi-fi card and therefore it does not have the power consumption or manufacturing impact associated with these components.

All digital paper forms used by smartformcentral™ incorporate paper from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) approved sources, which means that not only is the paper eco-friendly, but also has a very low carbon footprint.

It also helps the environment directly, as a percentage of each purchase goes towards sustaining the UK’s FSC forests.